Admissions to the Program are made exclusively using the application process that takes place twice a year. Applications generally open between May and June in the first semester and September to October in the second semester.

The selection of the new students is made after an interview in which the candidate is evaluated under the following dimensions:

  • Resumé (usually prepared in the Curriculum Lattes platform): which evaluates experience in teaching and research activities such as monitoring, scientific initiation, participation in research projects and publications, as well as participation in academic exchanges;
  • An electronic version of the Master's or Undergraduate academic record (to be attached to the applicant's application form): the analysis is made specially in the basic subjects the candidate has taken and their targeted research area in the Program;
  • Copy of the Master's dissertation (in the case of the Doctorate): analysis of the content of the work and style of scientific writing;
  • Interview with the faculty members in the subject area of interest of the candidate: trying to match the candidate's research interests with that of the faculty who would then act as the student's tutor (in the Master's case) or supervisor (in the Doctorate).

The final step at each application process occurs at a collegiate meeting of the Program. The faculty members evaluate the applicants jointly and, in particular, rank the Doctorate candidates, as the top 4 are granted tuition exemption provided by MackPesquisa (therefore benefitting eight candidates per year).