Mackenzie Presbyterian University - CAPES PrInt



The theme articulates projects and actions in MPU programs in the domains of humanities and applied social sciences. Understanding today’s societies and projecting their future as they address social and environmental problems now faces several challenges.

Human and social development currently takes place in an increasingly multi-cultural world, which poses challenges to coexistence in a society marked by mobility, diversity and intolerance, the emergence of new forms of identity and otherness, insufficient promotion and protection of civil rights, degradation of the urban space and environment. These are compounded by the social and economic challenges stemming from historic factors, the economy’s globalization and the reduction of the State’s role as a provider of certainty, security and the assurance of its citizens, jeopardizing the prospect of dignified life and collective welfare.

Studies are required into the development of inclusive social enterprises, learning communities, artistic languages and their technologies, solidary economy analysis and promotion, public policymaking for socio-economic development and socio-spatial inclusion, languages learning and the promotion of inter-culturality, the appreciation of the unique cultures of populations in states of displacement, contact and acceptance, the promotion of public spaces and conservation of the urban, linguistic, artistic, historical and cultural heritage, and the conservation of vulnerable areas.