Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Institutional Internationalization Project. MPU/CAPES PrInt


ThemesProjectsCoordinatorsPartner Countries
NANO AND MICRO-SCALE: FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS AND DEVICESMicro and nano-structured multifunctional materials.Guilhermino José Macedo FechineBelgium; Germany; Denmark; Portugal; Chile; France; Bulgaria; South Korea; Spain; Singapore; United States; United Kingdom; The Netherlands; Italy; India; Switzerland.
2D materials and nanodevices for application on energy, telecommunications and sensors.Christiano José Santiago de Matos
Legal infrastructure for nanotechnology.Fernando Rister de Sousa Lima
HUMAN SCALE: BRAIN, COGNITION AND BEHAVIORTheory and applications of Social and Affective Neuroscience to human everyday interaction.Paulo Sergio BoggioUnited States; South Korea; Finland; Italy; Portugal; Australia; United Kingdom; Denmark; Luxembourg; Canadá; Belgium; Germany.
Theory and applications for the promotion of optimal early development.Ana Alexandra Caldas Osorio
Theory and application to innovation in business.Walter Bataglia
SOCIAL SCALE: LANGUAGE, CITIES AND CULTURESocial Inclusion, Public Policies and Governance for the reduction of inequalities.Fábio Ramazzini BecharaItaly; Armenia; United Kingdom; The Netherlands; Costa Rica; Belgium; Austria; Germany; Chile; Colombia; Canada; Argentina; Spain; France; Mexico; Mozambique; Sweden; East Timor; Portugal; United States.
Human mobility and cultures (plural): the challenge of shared living.Maria Lucia Marcondes Carvalho Vasconcelos
City, Project and Equality: from Languages and Appropriations to the forms of Regulation.Eunice Helena Sguizzardi Abascal
THE COSMIC SCALE: THE EARTH IN THE UNIVERSESpace Weather.Jean Pierre RaulinFinland; Ireland; Bulgaria; Argentina; Russia; United Kingdom; France; Spain; United States; Portugal; Peru.
Astroengineering: Engineering applied to space geophysics.Carlos Guillermo Gimenez de Castro
Space Geodesy.Paulo Jose de Aguiar Simoes