Policies of the Institutional Project for Internationalization - Mackenzie


The Institutional Project of Internationalization of the Mackenzie Presbyterian University adopts the policies of the Public Call of Capes-PrInt/EDITAL nº. 41/2017. These policies are available at the Capes-PrInt webpage:



  1. Policy for selection of foreign partners, considering that 70% (at least) of the resources should be earmarked for partnerships with institutions based on countries that Capes maintains effective cooperation.
  2. Grant policy and internal selection process for specific actions, within the funding lines of the Capes-PrInt program. In the case of cooperation projects with foreign institutions, the proposer should specify the application of funds, the plan of activities, reciprocal funding, academic mobility, technical - scientific production, counterparts in the partner institutions, among others.
  3. Policy for hiring faculty with recognized scientific performance at an international level.
  4. Policy to increase proficiency in foreign languages for students of graduate programs and technical staff that have a direct relationship with the proposed Internationalization Project.
  5. Policy for recognition of academic and scientific activities performed by faculty and students abroad.
  6. Policy for hosting and support of foreign faculty, researchers and students.
  7. Policy for the appropriation of knowledge and experience acquired abroad by the beneficiaries of the actions of the Institutional Internationalization Project.
  8. Policy for management and operationalization of the Institutional Internationalization Project.
  9. Policy for monitoring and internal evaluation of the goals of the Institutional Internationalization Project.
  10. Policy for the conciliation of national development programs supported by Capes to the internationalization effort.