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One of the main challenges today is integrating the knowledge gained in different domains, such as psychology, administration, biomedical engineering, anthropology and others for a better understanding of what we refer to as the human scale. In the past two decades, neurosciences have gained significant ground in terms of our knowledge of the brain’s workings as concerns both structures, connectivity patterns, physiology and more, and aspects associated with behavior and cognition.

However, scientific challenges remain facing the application of neurosciences to real life. To address this, the human scale-related theme is structured around three projects that focus on theoretical development and the application thereof: theory and applications towards promoting early optimal development; theory and applications of social and affective neuroscience to human everyday interaction; and theory and applications to innovation in business. The theme is constructed on the massive expertise built in MPU over the years by the DD, ADM, CFE, EMN, EE and other programs.

Because this is an area at the frontier of knowledge, it is vital for its projects and actions to be domestically active, and a member of international partnerships with benchmark research groups in other countries. MPU has been seeking out internationalization actions by means of projects and articles published with international collaboration, fundraising for excellence-level events to increase its visibility as one of the most internationally important players on the field.