Nano and Micro-Scale: Functional Materials and Devices


Project 1 – Micro and nano-strutured multifunctional materials



Project 2 – 2D materials and nanodevices for application on energy, telecommunications and sensors



Project 3 – Legal infrastructure for nanotechnology




Human Scale: Brain, Cognition and Behavior


Project 1 – Theory and apllications of Social and Affective Neuroscience to human everyday interaction



Project 2 – Theory and applications for the promotion of optimal early development



Project 3 – Theory and application to innovation in business




Social Scale- Language, Cities and Culture


Project 1 – Social Inclusion, Public Policies and Governance for the reduction of inequalities



Project 2 – Human mobility and cultures plural: the challenge of shared living



Project 3 – City, Project and Equality: from Languages and Appropriations to the forms of Regulation




The Cosmic Scale: The Earth in the Universe


Project 1 – Space Weather



Project 2 – Astroengineering: Engineering applied to space geophysics



Project 3 – Space Geodesy