Admission and Scholarships

Entrance Examination

To be part of one of the University´s Stricto sensu Graduation the candidate shall be aware of the selection process openings and fill out the Registration Forms.


The Mackenzie Presbyterian University has always invested in researches that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and generate innovation. Therefore, in its Graduate Programs (Masters and PhD) that the students receive full incentive to invest in their research, participate in exchanges and major conferences in your area.


Requirements (according to Rule No. 181/2012 CAPES)

I - demonstrate satisfactory academic performance;

II - does not have any working relationship to the responsible institution that supports the Graduate Program;

III - Perform teaching stage;

IV - In the case of grants, it is not allowed to accumulate any aid or scholarship from another CAPES program or any development agencies (national or international) and, in this mode, even with professional practice paid, except express permission in standard specific;

V - If a public servant, demonstrating regularly in removal from office, unless the activities are consistent;

VI - be regularly enrolled;

According to the article 5, sole paragraph of the related Rule to provide scholarship, CAPE´s Scholarship Commission must be composed by, at least, 3 members and it must have equal representative of both teachers and students, as well as:

I - to examine requests from candidates;

II - select candidates by criteria that prioritize academic merit by notifying the Dean (or Deanery, in the case of Mackenzie) the criteria used and the individual data of the selected;

III - maintain a clear monitoring system according to the student's project in relation to the available stock of time;

IV - prepare and make available to the Deanery in 10 days performance demonstrative reports of grantees;

V - to send reasoned opinion related to withdrawal situations, grants accumulation, etc.

As ruled also in art. 5, sole paragraph, it´s also a condition to applying for the Scholarship that: in case the candidate is a Professor, he/she must be Permanent  at PPG; in case the candidate is a student he/she must be at least 1 year integrated the activities of PPG as a regular student. In both cases, the Commission members should be chosen by their iquals.


Scholarship  Commission - PPGDPE

Prof. Dr. Fernando Rister de Sousa Lima (Presidente)

Prof. Dr. Vicente Bagnoli 

Profa.Dra. Zélia Luiza Pierdoná



The 04 (four) first candidates ranked in the selection process of both Doctoral And Masters degree shall have full exemption from tuition and fees , provided they comply with the conditions in the public notice.