The program is aimed at professionals with training in education, psychology, medicine, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, law and other related areas. Its general objectives are:
a) To promote high quality research in specific training areas, and an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of people with disorders/disabilities;
b) To promote exchanges between different research areas involved in the field of the care of people with disorders/disabilities in an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of public policy and service; 
c) Contribute to the training of teachers in elementary education to meet the demands of developmental disorders in school settings, and other professionals who care for people with developmental disabilities; 
d) To contribute to training programs in different regions of the country; 
e) To train professionals with expertise in disorders/disabilities and interdisciplinary training

Relevants aspects to the researcher

Skills developed :

a) An understanding of the etiological factors of clinical research, endogenous and environmental factors of disturbances, analysis of individual, family and collective impacts;

b) An understanding of social and educational inclusion;

c) An understanding of the basic neurobiological mechanisms of developmental disorders.

Reviews and Awards
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