2022 - Paula Mozza - Administração

Mobilidade na Pittsburg State University.

Hello, my name is Paula and I am pursuing a degree in administration.

Studying abroad has always been my dream, and when I started my studies at Mack in 2019 and discovered academic mobility, I knew I could fulfill that dream while also studying at an American university.

I chose Pittsburg State University as my first option. The setting is reminiscent of the inner city, with people and surroundings that are peaceful and serene. There aren't many options for things to do, such as shopping or going to stores, or even public transportation or Uber, which I think is great because it allows me to focus solely on my studies.

The classes remind me a lot of middle school education.There are a lot of activities, exercises, quizzes, and projects to do. I learned that students in their first year are called "freshmen" (calouro), sophomores in their second year, juniors in their third year, and seniors in their final year of college. I got my senior year classes because I am also in my last year on Mackenzie.

In relation to costs, I had to account for my personal expenses here. Accommodation, food (or meal plan), health insurance, flights, and visa. Students over the age of 21 can live off campus, which reduces their living expenses significantly. I chose to live on campus to be closer to my classes.

International students can work on campus for up to 20 hours per week. Also, studies are taken seriously here; when I got a part-time job and needed to leave early to study, my boss was completely supportive and liberated me.

Six months went by quickly. Definitely, studying here was incredible. I made friends who I will keep in my heart for the rest of my life. In addition, Aaron and Brenda are the ones responsible for us being here, and they are always available to help us with anything. The COI women were also amazing. And it all added up to an incredible experience.

I'd like to stay here longer. I'm sure I'll return to finish my MBA or PhD in the United States.


Don't be afraid. Arrange your schedule and get ready to have one of the best experiences of your life

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