MPU maintains numerous international partnerships that can be used by Doctoral and Master’s Degree students for a period of academic mobility, research internship or even dual/double degree . The university is also a member of several groups that maintain international partnerships, such as the Tordesilhas Group and the Coimbra Group.

Research Internship in all Doctorate Programs - doctoral students of educational institutions located abroad have the opportunity to develop their research at MPU, as long as they have a supervisor and have wide access to the laboratories and other university facilities.

Doctoral and Mater’s Degree students of partner universities are warmly welcomed to MPU, either in a process of joint supervision, in a postdoctoral process or for a period of research in our laboratories or research centers, such as MACKGRAPHE, Center for Economic Freedom and among others. The International Office supports the visiting international students and the MPU's guiding professor, in the establishment of agreements and the reception of the international student in our campus.

This space is reserved for dissemination of opportunities offered by the MPU to international students of Graduate Programs.