Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory


Become a member of our Lab

Our lab has as one of its missions the training of qualified human resources in the area of ​​Cognitive, Social and Affective Neuroscience. The way we work in this training is built upon three important pillars: 1) intensive theoretical / conceptual learning, 2) research practice activities and 3) learning in a collaborative and cooperative environment. In order to take care of these three pillars, we receive in our laboratory students and researchers from different stages of their careers. Undergraduate students can be part of our team taking the first steps in their scientific life through the so-called Scientific Initiations. In this initiation, the student will work directly with undergraduate, master and doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and professors. Contact us if you want to know more. Those who have already concluded their undergrad and are looking for a scientific career can apply for Masters and Doctoral degrees. Follow the Selection Calls on the website of the Graduate Program in Developmental Disorders. For those who already have a PhD and seek to expand their technical-scientific knowledge, contact us to know more about opportunities for Postdoctoral fellowships and Young Researchers in our lab.