Research Areas and Lines of Research

Concentration Area: Education, Art and Cultural History
Lines of Research


This line of research investigates, within an interdisciplinary perspective, teaching and learning processes in school and non-school environments from cognitive, affective, technical, political, historical, cultural, social, ethical, and artistic dimensions, having as its axis contemporary issues. Among them are learning communities, learning and professional development of teachers and other educational agents, curriculum, information and communication technologies, distance education, Public Educational Policies, inclusion policies (race, ethnicity, gender, special needs, digital, etc), school and school culture, production, and evaluation of digital resources.


Having as a referential axis the contemporary expressions, this line of research, representative of the emphasis in Art of the Program, welcomes MA, PHD and Post-Doctoral researches in the following themes: Theory, Criticism and History of Artistic Languages: visual, sound, gestural, audiovisual and Hybrid expressions; Artistic Processes and Procedures: Techniques and Technologies; Creativity and Poetics of Creation; Studies on Image and Society: visual ethnographies; Arts Teaching; Cultural Mediation and Curating; Connections between Art and Communication, Design and Media; Interdisciplinarity and Methodologies of Art Research.


It welcomes researches in the field of artistic and cultural expressions in its various languages and creative modalities (erudite and popular) such as cinema, theatre, music, literature, plastic arts, dance, and fashion; issues linked to the historical-social dynamics having as its axis the social movements in their various expressions and identities; issues involving material/immaterial heritage, as well as archives/institutions and cities, in theoretical and methodological perspectives related to Cultural History, Philosophy (Politics, Ethics, Existence, Religion), Media Culture, Cultural Studies and contemporary multiculturalism in interdisciplinary approaches.