The general agreements of Dual Titling for Doctoral Programs are formalized from agreements with previously established rules, so that the students of the Doctoral Program of the MPU and of the Program of the Partner University  can carry out part of their research or other academic activities in a joint Supervision regimen . If they fulfill all the requirements previously established in the agreement, the doctoral student will receive the title of the two Programs. The period of academic mobility in general is one year.

To participate the doctoral student must get consent of his supervisor and a co-supervisor identified in the partner university. The negotiation in general is made between the supervisor of the University and the student from MPU. To formalize the participation, the Program Coordination at MPU must send to the International Officer, (, the form for the participation in the PROGRAM (see below), the project to be carried out by the international doctoral at MPT and Copy of the documents indicated in the agreement or requested by the MPU.