Curriculum structure

Summary Syllabus Structure – Master’s

The Graduate Economics and Markets Program (PPGECON) offers the Professional Master of Economics and Markets course (MPECON).  

The Master’s program covers 24 months, subdivided into four semesters in a total of 50 credits:

  • Required Subjects: 16 credits
  • Elective Subjects: 12 credits
  • Required Scheduled Activities: 8 credits
  • Graduation Paper: 14 credits 


Required Subjects


Elective Subjects




Scheduled Activities

Scheduled activities are an important element in the learning-teaching process, since students will be exposed to different corporate cultures, knowhow and practices used in business firms in connection with the Program’s topics, to be conveyed by executives and professionals. These activities will be held in an interactive manner to enable the exchange of experiences helpful to insights into the identification of relevant opportunities and problems.

The activities will stand as opportunities for cross-disciplinary exercise, given that this is an intrinsic reality within business firms and in business. In this sense, theory will join practice as a means to induce the development of innovation and enterprise by means of the pedagogical principle of action-reflection-action.


Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis Laboratories

An applied activity held in UPM’s labs and intended to develop quantitative methods skills, competencies and techniques, using the various software suits and data banks available at the institution, such as MATLAB, WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA, IBM SPSS, Gretl, R, Quantum GIS, Economatica, Macrodados and Bloomberg, as a means to provide students with instruments and enable the development of the empirical and practical projects crucial to a professional master’s program.


These will include meetings for the discussion of topics of shared interest for MPECON and economic industries, as a means to find paths to productive and effective solution proposals, open to the academic and professional public. May be held at either the UPM campuses or the facilities of partner associations or entities.

Lectures for business firms/communities

Cause students to organize and serve as speakers, both within and without business firms. MPECON faculty members may also serve as speakers.

Technical Visits

Technical visits provide insights into new realities and experiences by means of contact with business firms and trade entities, both domestically and internationally.

Internal Seminars

To be held internally at UPM or partner institutions. These are methodological and academic in nature, with a prevalence of students and faculty members, with an aim to assuring the quality of the subject papers and graduation paper.

Dissertation Seminars

Held internally at UPM. These are methodological activities intended to develop dissertation projects and ensure the quality of the graduation paper.

Class Hours

Friday from 07:30 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. and Saturdays from 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.