Concentration Areas and Research Lines

Concentration Areas
  • Discursive and Textual Studies
Research Lines

The Graduation Program in Linguistics and Literature offers the following research lines:

I – The construction of meaning in discourse and text
The study of typology, organization and articulation as well as comprehension and interpretation strategies, with emphasis on textual materiality and interactive practices.


II - Literature and Literary Language
The investigation of interdiscursive and intertextual mechanisms of the formation of meaning in literature are studied considering the mobility of the borders of languages in the cultural universe and the relationship concerning different languages, particularly those of culture and art.


III - Language, Literature and Society: communicational discourse, religious discourse, pedagogical discourse, political discourse
The research of the fundamental features of discourse in different areas that gives emphasis to the need of pondering the linguistic message in view of the sociocultural characteristics of the interlocutors, as well as in the context in which the communication operates.


IV- Languages and Literatures: teacher education and teaching practices
The examination of the defining elements of pedagogical discourse, such as the teacher-student discursive relationship, the classroom discourse, the proposals of teaching materials and the precepts of the organizations involved in learning/teaching within the context of linguistic and literary studies.


V - Lusophone studies, cultural, linguistic and identity relations
The analysis of issues of culture and linguistic identity, the voices of the Lusophony in linguistic and literary studies from a transdisciplinary perspective.