The Graduate Program in Business Administration (PPGA) has a grade of 5 in CAPES, being considered a Program of excellence. It generates cutting-edge knowledge in your lines of research. The PPGA, through its academic master's and doctoral courses, aims to train professors, researchers, and professionals with a standard of theoretical/methodological excellence and with critical and reflection capacity, to contribute to the improvement of teaching, research, and organizations. It is expected to contribute to improving the competitive capacity of companies, in a context of responsible action with the various segments of society, through the quality of research, teaching, and university extension programs.


Training highly qualified masters and doctors to work in companies, PPGA also empowers its students to practice teaching and develop scientific research. In the case of the doctorate, the focus is on the training of professors and researchers, with distinction in training for the construction of theory and methodological design, who work in undergraduate and graduate studies in higher education institutions.

Reviews and Awards