Finance Lab Mackenzie & BLK

The Mackenzie Presbyterian University has, on its campus in Higienopolis, a finance laboratory - the Finance Lab Mackenzie & BLK. In a modern and unprecedented concept in Brazil, the laboratory has a partnership with BLK, which provides all the technology and support present at Brazilian stock exchange - Brasil Bolsa Balcão (B3). In this way, the finance laboratory can operate as a stockbroker, something inedited in a business school in Brazil. In addition to high-frequency and real-time data on the capital market, the laboratory also has Bloomberg terminals as well as others economic-financial data platforms, such as Economatica (TC) and Capital IQ Pro (S&P). The objective of the Finance Lab Mackenzie & BLK is to provide a space with high technology and modern infrastructure for carrying out cutting-edge research in the area of finance, as well as courses, training and qualification for the Mackenzie community and professionals/companies that trade in financial markets.



Bloomberg is one of the world's leading providers of information for the financial market. Bloomberg information terminals are present in almost 100% of banks, investment funds, brokerages and insurance companies in the world. Among its main functions are: i) Providing information on all asset classes and companies — fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, commodities, derivatives, financial statement data, breakdown of ESG scores, etc., ii) Offering integrated information in a single local and delivered in real time to your computer or mobile device and iii) Provide access to news, analytics, portfolio and risk tools, communications, charts and electronic trading. The terminal also includes: i) Bloomberg Data - Benchmark information data on assets and derivatives, corporate event announcements, company financial data and daily/historical prices, ii) Bloomberg News - Information gathered from over 2,400 industry professionals journalism in 150 bureaus worldwide, Bloomberg publishes more than 5,000 news stories daily, distributed to readers in more than 160 countries, iii) Research - Covering the entire lifecycle of your research, from generating and confirming ideas to publishing, collaboration, performance and compliance, iv) Liquidity - Access pricing from thousands of contributors and real-time execution markets


Capital IQ Pro

Capital IQ Pro is an S&P Global Market Intelligence database containing current and historical data for publicly traded and privately held companies globally. It provides content from over 62,000 listed companies, representing 99% of the global capitalization value. This data includes: financial statements, market and professional information, estimates, ownership structure, merger and acquisition transactions, valuation, public issues, ratings, historical and projected macroeconomic data, transcription of corporate events, startup data, relevant news and facts. With regard to its differentials - compared to other databases - data from 18 million privately held companies globally stand out; 950 thousand startups in early stage; more than 1 million transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, investment rounds and public offerings; ESG data; Dow Jones news; macroeconomic data from The Economist, with historical series and projections for more than 190 countries; in-depth data for the metals and minerals, energy, technology, media, telecom, real estate and financial institutions sectors; customizable dashboard for monitoring companies, market indexes, news and documents, as well as the possibility of access via mobile and tablet application.



The Economatica database belongs to the TC Group, having been founded in 1986. It has accounting, quantitative and qualitative data on companies, portfolios and the evolution of equity funds, multimarket, fixed income, foreign exchange, private equity, investment funds in receivables (FIDCs), real estate investment funds (FIIs), pricing data for fixed income assets such as debentures and government bonds, macroeconomics - including inflation, commodities, currency, stock indexes and fixed income - from the Brazilian market, above all. 100% of the data comes from primary sources such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (Anbima), Brasil Bolsa Balcão (B3) or similar. The platform also provides data on companies listed in the United States, foreign companies with American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) issued, in addition to all shares of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) traded. Such information makes it possible to enhance the publication of papers from universities in Latin America, the United States and Europe. In addition, the base enables the construction of screen models with different content according to the user's needs (slides, graphics, updates, etc.).