Emerging groups

DEGEP-UPM-accredited (UPM Emerging Research Groups Directory)

Emerging research groups are characterized by experience running non-funded research projects and scientific production that do not yet meet the criteria for consolidated groups.

The projects and the production of knowledge that research groups generate must abide by UPM’s research tracks.

Can an Emerging Group secure CNPq accreditation?

Only consolidated research groups can be listed in CNPq’s research groups directory.

Emerging research groups may become consolidated by meeting the applicable criteria.

The Research Coordination will maintain efforts in support of emerging groups for the purposes of research quality and their conversion into consolidated research groups. 

Find out more about UPM’s Emerging Research Groups

Life and Health Sciences Center (Centro de Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde – CCBS)

Communication and Letters Center (Centro de Comunicação e Letras – CCL)

Social and Applied Sciences Center (Centro de Ciências Sociais e Aplicadas – CCSA)

Science and Technology Center (Centro de Ciências e Tecnologia – CCT)

Education, Philosophy and Thology Center (Centro de Educação, Filosofia e Teologia – CEFT)

Engineering School (Escola de Engenharia – EE)

Architecture and City Planning School (Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo – FAU)

Computing and Information Technology School (Faculdade de Computação e Informática – FCI)

Law School (Faculdade de Direito - FD)


Dear leader, keep your research group information updates!

UPM’s Research Coordination will keep a listing called the UPM Emerging Research Groups Directory (DGEPE-UPM) to keep records of all groups associated with the university.