Visiting Professor / Researcher

Visiting Professor or Researcher is a category defined by with the CAPES/MEC Ordinance No. 02, of January 4, 2012, allowing an individual to join a graduate degree program through a formal agreement for up to 2 years, performing teaching activities and research, developing the framework of the program and contributing to its academic evolution.

The Mackenzie Presbyterian University regulates the status of visiting professors through the UPM general regulations, and the graduate degree program regulations, guaranteeing access to the University's infrastructure, that is to say, their own equipped room, access to the library (physical and digital resources), laboratories, internet, intranet and Wi-Fi.

To ensure access to these resources, the graduate degree program that receive the visiting professor must register them with the Graduate Degree General Coordination.

Visiting Professor Registration

For the Graduate Degree Programs to host a lecturer or researcher as a visiting professor, the following procedures need to be undertaken:

  1. The Coordinator of the Graduate Program request the form and instructions from the Sector of the Graduate Programs Support to carry out the appropriate referral
  2. The Sector of the Graduate Programs Support will issue the program registration form, which must be 100% completed and returned by email only to in word format. Annexes will be accepted in doc, docx, pdf and jpeg formats (with the exception of the photograph, which must be in jpeg format). Only digital documents are accepted.
  3. The graduate program coordinator must also forward a CI giving details of the visiting professor and formally request the Sector of the Graduate Programs Support to carry out the registration procedures.

The Sector of the Graduate Programs Support will complete the registration of the professor or the researcher with the Human Resources Department, as well as issue of the access card to the university and the library. An engagement letter will also be provided to the researcher with the support of COJUR (Legal Consultancy of the university).

If the Program does not have the physical space to accommodate the researchers, the university has a furnished and equipped office with the capacity to receive up to six researchers.

The procedures will be completed within a period of 30 days; therefore, it is required that the requests are sent to the Sector of the Graduate Programs Support. Requests with a shorter deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Other doubts can be clarified directly with the Sector of the Graduate Programs Support.

Documents for the registration
  1. Digital foto 3X4 (only jpg)
  2. Activities proposal;
  3. Digital copy of the identification document:
    • Brazilians: RG and CPF (jpg, pdf or word)
    • Foreign: Passaport (pages with foto e personal data) (jpg, pdf ou word)
  4. Visa (jpg, pdf ou word)
  5. Health Insurance (only for foreign) (jpg, pdf ou word)