Recognition of Academic Degrees Obtained Abroad

Mackenzie Presbyterian University in accordance with the Basic Education Law National Education nº 9.394, dated December 20, 1996, Title V, Chapter IV, Art. 48, paragraph 3 and Resolution CNE/CES nº 3, dated June 22 2016, of the National Council of Education, performs the recognition of Master’s and Doctoral degrees obtained in foreign higher education institutions.

The rules and procedures for recognition follow Regulatory Ordinance nº 22, of December 13, 2016, and are determined by means of documents published by the Rectory.

In compliance with this Ordinance, UPM has adapted its standards and procedures through an Internal Order of Rectory nº 140/2017.

Those interested in the recognition of academic degrees obtained abroad should apply the request on the Carolina Bori Platform of Ministry of Education, available in