Research and Graduate Studies

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The Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Degree is responsible for policies related to research and graduate studies at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. As such, it plans, supervises and monitors the activities of these areas, as well as the implementation of new graduate courses and the management of research at the university. These actions are carried out in a way to ensure the indissociability between teaching, research and extension studies, and to offer staff and students a structure conducive to scientific, academic and professional training.

The Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Degree is composed by three departments or coordinations: The Research Coordination, the Graduate Degree General Coordination, and the Development and Innovation Coordination.

The objectives of the Research Coordination are to raise Mackenzie Presbyterian University's strategic position as a producer of knowledge of excellence for a sustainable life capable of generating social impact among the different segments of the productive sector and society, and to develop competence and research capacity in strategic areas of knowledge.

The objectives of the Graduate Degree General Coordination are to raise the level of Graduate Programs and provide subsidies to the Graduate programs for the development of researches and scientific publications with national and international impact.

The objectives of the Development and Innovation Coordination (CDI) are to structure, strengthen and manage institutional actions associated with innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting academic, economic and social impact with sustainability, and to make Mackenzie Presbyterian University a reference in innovation and entrepreneurship in a non-public academic environment.

Prof. Dr. Paulo Batista Lopes

Prof. Dr. Paulo Batista Lopes