In July 2020, Mackenzie Presbyterian University - MPU launched the Exchanging Hemispheres Program, a new institutional policy for the internationalization of the University, which benefits its students, professors and also students and graduates of other national or international institutions.

The program

The Program is carried out through short courses , in a foreign language, offered in partnership between MPU professors and Teaching Institutions or foreign professors.

Interested parties have the opportunity to develop international professional skills, known as cross-cultural skills, which involve a range of cognitive, behavioral and technical skills (adaptability, intercultural empathy, behavioral flexibility, comparative analysis, among others) highly desired in a job market increasingly competitive and globally inserted.

It also creates incentive mechanisms for the MPU community, through its own certification, differentiated punctuation in mobility programs and formalizes, for both students and teachers, international career paths.

Courses are offered through the publication of internal and international calls, in which MPU teachers and foreign teachers can present their course proposals, always taught by 02 (two) teachers / professionals: one MPU teacher and one foreign teacher or professional.

Exchanging Hemispheres Courses

Are short courses that employ an active teaching methodology, with practical activities and a comparative approach. They are offered in July or August, in modules of 20 to 32 hours of teaching.

The big difference is the proposal for an international program, combining the development of specific skills in the area with intercultural skills. In general, classes are taught in English, Spanish or Portuguese (for Portuguese speaking countries), offering the student the practice of another language. The international teacher will instigate the student to seek knowledge beyond the border of his country and observe different forms of professional performance, according to the context of society in which he/she is inserted.

An environment with students and faculty members from different nationalities foster intercultural skills and international networking connections. Be part of Exchanging Hemispheres, our international Program.

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Calls for Course proposal

Mackenzie Presbyterian University invites professors from all around the world to submit a course proposal for our Southern Hemisphere Winter Session 2023. The professor interested in submitting a proposal should send it by email to

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