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The TCC – Undergraduate Thesis - is a project developed during two semesters (7th and 8th), under the guidance of professors in the area. It has the purpose of demonstrating the students' professional capacity to face the real challenges of market analysis, marketing planning and communication proposals. The acquired knowledge throughout the course is used in this academic work, joining theory to practice. The themes chosen range from mass consumer products to 3rd sector organizations, and are developed with emphasis on marketing or creation, according to the course option of the students. At the end, the work is publicly presented and evaluated by an examining bank.

Monograph Manual

TCC Manual

TCC Schedule - 1st semester 2019



If you are looking for Internship documents models (Internship Term of Commitment, Term of Termination, Concession Agreement and Trainee Activities Report) click here.


But if you are in the 8th Semester and would like information on the verification of the Internship Hours, click here.

Atividades Complementares

Complementary Activities constitute a compulsory curricular component of the Journalism Course.

Students who will complete the course until the second semester of 2015 must complete 200 hours of complementary activities.

Students completing the course from the first semester of 2016 must complete 300 complementary hours.


Click here to read the complementary activities manual for the Publicity and Propaganda course.




É o conjunto de atividades de apoio acadêmico exercidas, sob a orientação de um professor, por alunos regularmente matriculados nos cursos de graduação do CCL, atendido o disposto no Ato da Reitoria no 4, de 12 de abril de 2002. A Monitoria é exercida, única e exclusivamente, em ambientes acadêmicos do CCL, e se caracteriza pela coleta de dados e informações que possam contribuir para a preparação das aulas e de outras atividades vinculadas às disciplinas monitoradas; pelo auxílio ao professor na preparação do material didático e paradidático a ser utilizado nas disciplinas monitoradas; pela colaboração com o professor nas aulas, seminários, trabalhos práticos e de laboratórios ou ateliês vinculados às disciplinas monitoradas; pelo auxílio ao professor na orientação e no esclarecimento de dúvidas dos alunos matriculados nas disciplinas monitoradas; pelo auxílio ao professor nas pesquisas vinculadas às disciplinas monitoradas; e pelo auxílio ao professor em outras atividades acadêmicas vinculadas às disciplinas monitoradas.

Pesquisa / PIBIC

The Institutional Program for Scientific Initiation (PIBIC Mackenzie) is intended to complement undergraduate education, offering students the opportunity to discover how the knowledge generation is processed and how scientific knowledge is acquired. These objectives are achieved by the student's participation in practical and theoretical activities in the research environment, under the guidance of a professor-researcher. The effectiveness and consolidation of good research in our University is a priority issue of our Rectory, and is supported by the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, which has made Scientific Initiation grants available to our student-researchers.

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