Academic Activities

TCC - The End of Course Project

The End of Course Project (TCC) is a mandatory activity to graduate from the undergraduate course in physiotherapy at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM). The TCC is a piece of work undertaken with academic supervision, which articulates the theoretical research and the practical activities carried out during the student's training. The evaluation is made by public oral presentation to an examining panel. The production of the end of course project allows the development of research skills of a scientific or pedagogical nature, contributing to specialized academic and professional development.


The physiotherapy course internship aims to provide practical experience in the different levels of health care and areas of physiotherapy. The mandatory internship takes place in the last two semesters of the course with direct academic supervision. The students will develop their activities in the University Clinical School and in affiliated institutions. During the internship, students will be encouraged to incorporate and apply the theoretical concepts they have learnt in a practical environment; hone the skills and competencies necessary for good professional practice, and develop attitudes of respect and understanding in relation to the patients under their care in a multi- and interdisciplinary environment.

Complementary Activities

Complementary activities aim to expand and enrich the professional training, facilitating the development of skills and the acquisition of experience not covered by the curriculum.  University regulations require students to develop complementary activities throughout the course, comprising teaching, research and extension. In each of these three areas the student must complete 1 hour of work, with the remaining 1 hour carried out in the area of most interest to the student, totaling 200 hours.

Extension Activities

The extension activities of the physiotherapy course aim to provide the community with access to the technical and scientific knowledge produced at the university. Activities include short, medium and long-term courses, events, lectures, workshops, projects and programs aimed at the general public. The participation of students and professors in the different extension activities reaffirm the university's commitment to be a producer of agents of academic and social change. The course activities include three community outreach programs: FISIOASSISTE, the Healthy Aging Promotion Program, and the In Search of Academic Success Program, as well as activities and health events aimed at the general public. 


Research within the physiotherapy course at Mackenzie Presbyterian University is encouraged and supported in a number of different ways, including through scholarships, purchase of equipment and internal and external institutional exchange. The Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation (PIBIC Mackenzie) aims to complement undergraduate education, offering our students the opportunity to discover how scientific knowledge is acquired and processed. These objectives are achieved through student participation in practical and theoretical activities in the research environment, under the guidance of a supervising research professor.