The Mackenzie Teaching System Secondary Education seeks to contribute to the student’s excellent development and is committed to full education, preparing their intellectually and structurally with solid principles and values based on the Christian worldview so that they can make their own choices, create life projects, continue their education and face challenges in the job market, always committed to serving God and society in a participative and responsible manner.

The Christian worldview developed by the teaching material considers the complexity of historical dynamics, the relationship between men and God, and where their faith will be placed. It considers legitimate the occupation of geographic space when it is done in a reflected, responsible manner. The problems of the relationship between men and the world are moral and spiritual, and the solution for such problems involves people’s inner transformation, change of mentality as regards God, others and nature. This search for transformation gets easier with the hope for nature renovation that is defended and expected by the Christian worldview.

Escolher com Sabedoria Collection

The teaching material has all disciplines of the segment to make the teacher’s realization of our education proposal easier, but it also takes into account the official examinations the students will have to sit for during the segment or at its end to continue their studies in Higher Education.

The material is organized by units and chapters in a sequence that privilege analysis, induction and systematization of contents (Meaningful Learning). The teaching materials for a 3rd year student has an exclusive volume for reviewing and reinforcing essential contents*. What is different about this material is the Activities Notebook for all years, with problems and questions similar to those of Enem and Admission Exams, of different types and difficulty levels, that allow students to apply and fixation of contents and activities that explore different skills and ways of learning.

* The Art materials of this Segment is the only one without reviewing materials.