Pre-School Education is an extremely important stage of learning because the stimuli received by children in their first years define their academic success and their development. It is characterized by the student’s willingness to socialize and broaden his/her experiences in school.

In this sense, as our goal is to help children take their first steps in forming their worldview by means of a Christian teaching adapted to his/her development stage and based on the Biblical principle that the child who is taught the way he/she should go will not depart from it when he/she is old. We seek to help students develop different types of language (verbal, written, symbolic, visual, tactile, pictorial, scenic languages, among others) and thus give them conditions to express themselves and communicate with the world in different manners.

Princípio do Saber Collection

The Princípio do Saber Collection, produced by us to serve children between 2 and 5 years of age in Pre-School Education, is made up of materials for Mini-Maternal, Maternal, Kindergarten I and Kindergarten II and addresses the following areas of knowledge: Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Nature, and Society.

In this segment, our main goal is to tell stories to the children, just like Jesus taught the language of story-telling that affected different people. We tell them stories about love, friendship, respect, body care and care for the world created by God. Between these stories, which for them is a good time of fun and games coupled with all the joy and imagination that only a good story can provide us, we will develop their skills and abilities, communicating Christian values and knowledge and we will help them think on what they are learning.

In this segment, in addition to students’ books, we have support materials for the teacher and a teacher's manual.