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Yes, as long as your pedagogical proposal fits the conditions of a private faith-based school, under item III of section 20 of LDBEN. This means that you may not be linked to a religious institution, but you need to fit the legal description of a faith-based school. If the schools do not wish to fit into this category but still wish to adopt our materials and pedagogical proposal, the proper System for this school is the Mackenzie Educational.

No. Regarding curriculum and class hours, the Systems now make textbooks available to schools whose contents are organized according to a book research in the market, education official documents, and after checking the Mackenzie Colleges class hours.

The average class hours in Elementary Education per discipline are:

Art/geometrical drawing - 2 class hours

Sciences - 3 class hours

Spanish Language (Elementary Education II) - 2 class hours

Geography - 3 class hours

English Language - 3 class hours

Mathematics - 5 class hours

Portuguese Language - 6 class hours

History - 3 class hours

In Secondary Education, the class hours we use as a basis are available in the content boards of each book made available in the portal.