Choosing your child’s school is not an easy task.

There are many factors that can impact this decision: the family’s social and economic conditions, the school’s philosophy, the child’s personality, the family values, among others.

One needs dedication to get to know as much as possible about the school: its Mission and Vision, Education Proposal, Pedagogical Model, the literacy process.

When a school adopts a teaching system, it endorses an education proposal, an education model and methodologies referenced and developed by educators.

The schools that adopt the Mackenzie Teaching Systems endorse the education work developed for over a hundred years by the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute (to know more about the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, click here – Vision and Mission).

The Mackenzie Teaching Systems have their own Education Proposal and Pedagogical Model. We also advocate the Phonic Method in the literacy process.

So that our partner schools are aligned with our education proposal, we promote annual gatherings with our pedagogical team and the teams of our partner schools.

During these gatherings and in the pedagogical support, we discuss the most adequate teaching methods, that is, teaching and learning methods, with the teams. To support the education practices established in training, we offer teaching materials that develop out education view to teachers and students. We understand that the teaching material adopted by a school is not itself the teaching method of that school.

This is an extremely important issue for the Mackenzie Teaching Systems because we are systems both in the educational viewpoint and in the alignment of pedagogical practices. A chapter is a learning experience in the form of reading and studying contents seen in class, through teacher planning, aligned with the school's coordinators and principal. This way, the school can choose the reading order of the chapters in its planning; it can choose the pages to be seen in class and those to be asked as homework; it can even select contents and activities that will be fundamental to follow the school's curriculum.

Thus, the material we produce is a textbook rather than a booklet. Our motto is: from the classroom to the book.

We understand that children must be educated by their parents. The school is the parents’ partner as it helps the child develop through school years. The Mackenzie Teaching Systems provide that the child must be fully developed. This means that it is not enough for children to prepare for official examinations he or she will have to sit for during his or her academic life, but he or she must know how to make informed decisions in conflict situations, have a purpose that guides his or her actions, among other situations that we face in life.

With our partnership between schools and families, and as we find it vital that the school and the parents share the same view as to what is best for the child, we have also made available in our portal articles that may be of interest and that will help you educate your children.