Mackenzie Center of Economic Freedom at APEE 2018

13.03.201813h20 Comunicação - Marketing Mackenzie

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Mackenzie Center of Economic Freedom at APEE 2018

At APEE, the Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom approved the following papers for presentation at the 2018 meeting, which takes place between April 1 and April 4 in Las Vegas.
Vladimir Fernandes Maciel and Ulisses Ruiz-de-Gamboa - State Level Economic Freedom Index for Brazil: Challenges and Results

Roberta Muramatsu and Karolina Wachowicz - Making Sense of Brazilian Corruption in the Early 21st Century: An Unintended Consequence of Complex Crony Relations and Limited Economic Freedom

Liliane Segura, Cecilia Moraes Santostaso Geron and Henrique Formigoni - The Influence of Government Regulation in the Taxation

Liliane Segura, Henrique Formigoni, Cecilia Moraes Santostaso Geron and Joaquim Carlos da Costa Pinho - Fraud and Government Regulation

Liliane Segura, Vladimir Fernandes Maciel and Henrique Formigoni - Private Companies, Financial Strategies and Business Environment: The Effects of Economic Freedom

Liliane Segura, Carlos André de Q. P. Salles, Daniella G. Bergamini Sá and Gabriela Barreto Araujo - Austrian School, Entrepreneurship and Accounting