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Research at CCSA is marked by the development of research projects that gather together professors and students at various levels, from undergraduates to doctoral candidates.

The involvement of undergraduate students in Scientific Initiation research projects has proven itself an important element in the training of the future’s administrators, accountants and economists, as this fosters the ability to search for and select information for the purposes of problem-solving.

The ability to solve problems in innovative ways and based on scientific information has been helping CCSA students to successfully compete in the fierce race for positions in the jobs market.

Every semester, the UPM’s Research Coordination offers the opportunity to engage in research projects to students, in particular those not yet at the internship stage. The best projects by students who are not yet employed are granted scientific Initiation scholarships (PIBIC) from CNPq, IPM and Mackpesquisa. All, however, have the chance to develop volunteer research projects (PIVIC) with support from professors and advisors, as long as their projects are submitted to and approved by the science committee.

CCSA makes available its email address for students interested in taking part in research projects to indicate their interest and clarify doubts. It also maintains weekly support sessions where students may obtain information by talking directly to the professor on call.

In an effort to encourage Master’s and Doctors’ candidates’ execution of excellent research projects, scholarships are provided according to predetermined criteria, and made available through different funding sources, such as Mackpesquisa and government-run agencies.

CCSA professors have UPM’s support in the performance of research activities in the form of compensation for hours devoted to this specific purpose, and may also receive grants from Mackpesquisa and outside funders like government-run agencies FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES and more.

CCSA professors have been increasingly successful securing funding, be it from Mackpesquisa or from government-run entities, which bears witness to the quality of the research that has been underway in the Unit.

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Profª. Dra. Liliane Cristina Segura

Profª. Dra. Liliane Cristina Segura