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The Internship and Student Engagement Coordinating Body is part of the Center for Biological and Health Sciences (CCBS) at Mackenzie University (UPM) and is linked to the Academic Development Coordination body, and aligned with the Internship Administrative Department of UPM, ensuring compliance with academic goals, and the legal requirements of the internship and student engagement activities.


The supervised internship is an academic activity aimed at complementing professional training. The supervised internship is divided into two categories: The mandatory internship, set out in the educational program of the course, and whose completion is a requirement for qualification, and award of a degree; The non-mandatory internship, developed as an optional activity, without impinging on core academic activities, in line with the pedagogical plan of the course. The mandatory part of the internship at CCBS has been developed with the guidance of the University’s academic staff.

Student Engagement 

The Student Engagement Coordinating Body at CCBS aims to support structured student-centered academic activities in which participation contributes to the students’ professional and personal development. Bringing together the following activities: Junior Companies, UPM Academic Student Leagues and Monitoring (activity in which students assist teachers in academic activities).

Prof. Dr. Jan Carlo Morais Oliveira Bertassoni Delorenzi

Prof. Dr. Jan Carlo Morais Oliveira Bertassoni Delorenzi



Rosineide Souza Leal

Rosineide Souza Leal