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Teaching Internship

The Teaching Internship is an integral part of the graduate training, which aims to prepare the student for an academic career and teaching in undergraduate courses.

It is a mandatory activity for all beneficiaries of scholarships (CAPES and Mérito MackPesquisa Founding Agencies). However, all students enrolled in the graduate courses (Academic Masters and Doctorates courses) may undertake the teaching internship on a voluntary basis and have the right of certification.


The following criteria must be met:

  • The Teaching Internship must be carried out in the undergraduate courses;
  • The minimum duration of the Teaching Internship is one (1) semester;
  • The minimum workload for the completion of the Teaching Internship, is 24 (twenty-four) hours of classes, and the maximum is 60 (sixty) hours during the semester;
  • The activities undertaken by the students cannot exceed four (4) hours per week and must be compatible with other regular activities in the graduate program;
  • The activities of the Teaching Internship should be compatible with the research area of ​​the graduate program of the student;
  • When there is a specific link between the education systems, agreed upon by the competent authorities, and observing the other criteria given here, the Teaching Internship can be completed in the public high school system;
  • Requirements of the academic unit where the Teaching Internship takes place must be observed;
  • A Higher Education professor who undertakes such activity during the period of Internship is exempted from the Teaching Internship.

The permitted activities are:

  • Co-supervision of course completion projects;
  • Co-supervision of students of the Institutional Program of Scientific Initiation, Institutional Program of Technological Initiation (PIBIT) or Institutional Program of Extension Scholarships;
  • Participation in study orientation programs;
  • Teaching in extension courses related to the academic units;
  • Organize symposia, conferences or other academic activities;
  • Acting as a subject supervisor, as long as it has a direct link to the research project;
  • Other activities proposed by the students will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee of the Graduate Program;
  • Work preparing teaching materials for classes and assisting in the preparation and correction of tests will not be considered as part of the activity.

The completion of the Teaching Internship (compulsory / voluntary) involves two stages:

1st stage Registration

At the beginning of the academic semester, students should contact their supervisor or the coordinator of the graduate program to which they are attached, in order to verify the subjects or activities that may contribute to their research or improvement;

Registration will be carried out by completing the Teacher Training Request Form, which should be signed by the person supervising the internship, and delivered to the respective graduate program services, according to the annually established timetable (documents filled out by hand and/or containing erased or crossed out text will not be considered);

The Graduate Degree Program Section will forward the evaluation form to the Scholarship Committee. After the evaluation, the coordinator of the graduate program will forward the form to the director of the academic unit involved, for acknowledgement and authorization; following authorization by the director of the academic unit, the secretary of the program will forward the internship application form to Graduate Degree Student Services (João Calvino Building, ground floor).

2nd stage Report and Certification

At the end of the teaching internship, the student must submit to the relevant program office the Teaching Internship Report, detailing the activities carried out in the semester, and containing the signature of the person who supervised the internship (handwritten and/or documents with erasures will not accepted).

The Graduate Dregree Program Fellowships Committee will carry out the final analysis, and may or may not approve the report.

The Graduate Degree Program Section will forward the Teaching Internship Report to the Graduate Student Service.

The declaration of completion of the Teaching Internship must be requested by e-mail, and collected from Graduate Degree Student Services (João Calvino building, ground floor) following notification from this service.