The Mackenzie Presbyterian University Pedagogy Course has in the theory-practice relationship its agglutinating axis, a relationship that is developed throughout all formation, and not only in the fulfillment of the obligatory curricular stages. It allies tradition and theoretical solidity with the educational-pedagogical practice so that the future professional, with competence and creativity, be able to develop educational processes, according to the reality where he will act; understand the specificities of the development and learning processes of children, young people and adults; learn how to formulate, implement and evaluate pedagogical projects; be able to analyze educational policies and their implementation processes; among others. The syllabus of the Pedagogy Course is organized in disciplines and activities, allowing the student to obtain the licensure in eight semesters.

Job Market

Pedagogues may work in the areas of teaching in early childhood education and elementary school, in the regular and Education of Young and Adults modalities; in the management of pedagogical work in school and non-school spaces, formulating, implementing and evaluating programs and projects in different educational spaces of the community. It is also possible to work in professional training courses in the area of services and school support, among others.

Reviews and Awards