Electrical Engineers with training lines in: Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation or Power, Energy and Automation Systems play a key role in the country's development. The speed of technological evolution and the incorporation of these new technologies in the areas of telecommunications, data transmission, power systems, automation and control require a professional with great flexibility, capacity for innovation and quick response to the changes caused by the new scenarios. The applications of Electricity and Electronics are present in all the activities of the contemporary world, such as: computers, radio, television, telephony and telecommunications, automobiles, automation and control of industrial processes, generation, transmission and distribution of energy, and industrial, and even navigation, astronomy, medicine and biology. The demand for clean, cheap and safe energy, besides its control and management, favors the easy placement of the Engineer with training in these areas, in an attractive market and lacking specialized and competent professionals. Therefore, the Electrical Engineering course initially invests in a solid basic training that fosters the development of multiple skills such as logical reasoning, creativity, ability to analyze and solve problems, and then to prepare students in their professional and specific areas, appropriate to their needs from the market.


Job market

The area of activity includes energy companies, computing, automation and telecommunications, design and consulting offices, assembly and maintenance companies of electrical installations, automation and telecommunications, industries and commercial companies, maintenance of equipment and electro-electronic components, hospitals , broadcasters, computers, in addition to the areas of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, etc.