The Gastronomy Course is linked to the Center for Biological and Health Sciences (CCBS) of Mackenzie Presbyterian University. It aims to train world-class professionals with a systemic and entrepreneurial vision in the area of food and drink who are able to plan and manage food production in different sectors, and consider the cultural, economic, social, health and food safety aspects. It aims to develop professionals with leadership qualities, entrepreneurial vision, excellent oral and written communication skills, with professional performance focused on civic, social and environmental responsibility.

The course is structured in four thematic units:

- Fundamentals of Gastronomy and Nutrition;

- Research and Practice in Gastronomy;

- Entrepreneurial Management and Culture and Events.

* The subjects are grouped in: practical components and components of a conceptual character, with the purpose of creating a wide content base.


General Training Laboratories

- Computer Labs: rooms equipped with computers and printers, used by students both in class and for self-study, with access to the Internet.

Specific Training Laboratories

The UPM Gastronomy Course has specific training laboratories, which are also part of UPM's Center for Biological and Health Sciences.

The course uses:

- 3 experimental kitchens: with an area for pre-preparation and food production, equipped with equipment and utensils for cooking classes for both hot and cold food, confectionery, baking and for events and as kitchen support.

- 1 demonstration kitchen: room with a kitchen island composed of a stove, a mirror to demonstrate the preparation process, equipment and utensils for demonstrative classes;

- 1 beverage laboratory: with a climate-controlled wine cellar, equipment and utensils for drinks classes, and to support in class demonstrations and tastings;

- 1 food science laboratory: with the necessary equipment for a high standard of support for the practical food science classes of the gastronomy course.

Job Market

The gastronomy sector, which is constantly growing, currently offers many possibilities for the newly graduated student, with opportunities to work in the areas of the kitchen, culinary, the food industry, catering, events and banquets, consultancies and food business management. It is one of the most promising sectors in Brazil and in the world today.