Navy Technological Center in São Paulo participates in a meeting with MackGraphe

Development of projects in the area of ​​advanced composites was the theme of the meeting  

06.02.202311h00 Comunicação - Marketing Mackenzie

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Navy Technological Center in São Paulo participates in a meeting with MackGraphe

On Thursday, February 2nd, the Mackenzie Institute for Research in Graphene and Nanotechnology (MackGraphe) received a visit from Amazonia Azul Tecnologias de Defesa S.A. (AMAZUL) and the Technological Center of the Navy in São Paulo (CTMSP) to discuss potential partnerships, mainly in the area of ​​advanced composites. The meeting took place in the MackGraphe building, Higienópolis campus.

Mackenzie and the Brazilian Navy have had a solid partnership since 1946, beginning with the Mac-Nav sports tournament and, according to the general director of MackGraphe, Benedito Guimarães Aguiar Neto, the occasion was an opportunity to discuss how scientific and technological knowledge, generated by MackGraphe, can meet the needs of the Navy, in terms of innovation.

“The focus is on the area of ​​advanced composites, whether linked to special paints, anti-corrosion coating or structures, which, due to the use of Graphene, are lighter and more resistant”, said the director about the direction of the possible partnership.

According to the vice-admiral and chief advisor to the Navy's Directorate for Nuclear and Technological Development (DGDNTM), Alfredo Martins Muradas, the Navy seeks to learn about institutes and places of excellence across the country so that they can contribute to its demands.

“I see that Mackenzie, in the area of ​​Graphene and Nanotechnology, already has great initiatives that, eventually, can contribute to the demands we have. It is a place that develops new technologies and creates new skills”, pointed out the Vice-Admiral.

The president of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute (IPM), Milton Flávio Moura; Mackenzie's Chancellor, Reverend Robinson Grangeiro Monteiro; the MackGraphe Project Manager, Marcelo Silva Oliveira; MackGraphe's Research, Development and Innovation manager, Marcos Nogueira Eberlin; and researchers Camila Marchetti Maroneze, Cecília de Carvalho Castro and Marcos Daniel Vozer Felisberto.