Mackgraphe received the company Gerdau Graphene

06.03.202313h00 Comunicação - Marketing Mackenzie

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Mackgraphe received the company Gerdau Graphene

The MackGraphe, with the participation of researchers in the area of nanostructured and multifunctional composite materials, an area in which it has been working with R&D projects of nanotechnologies such as graphene applications, received the Gerdau Graphene company with the aim of discussing possibilities for technical-scientific partnerships in the mentioned area.

Said company, represented by Dr. Valdirene Sullas Teixeira Peressinotto, who is responsible for the innovation area, originates from a centenary business group, but was created with a focus on graphene applications. Among the various segments of the market in which it operates, the production of sustainable and high-performance plastics stands out, in addition to special paints and materials for civil construction.

On the occasion, several possibilities for partnerships in RD&I were discussed, however with an initial focus on market demands for high-performance nanostructured polymeric materials.

The objective, therefore, as the Director General of MackGraphe, Benedito G. Aguiar Neto , is "to establish a strategic technical-scientific collaboration that combines both the technological experience and the company's market vision, with the knowledge and potential existing in MackGraphe to RD&I in areas of mutual interest”.

MackGraphe, he added, intends to act with a focus on market demands that allow the development of innovative products for the industry. The collaboration should start in the area of composites, but should extend to other areas of graphene applications.