Mackgraphe's focus in this area is on devices aimed at the most diverse applications in the health area or in the control of pollutants released into rivers, seas and present in water treatment systems. We develop biosensors as analytical devices based on organic elements, including implantable ones, and used for the detection of chemical, biochemical and/or clinical targets, combining chemical or biological components with physical-chemical detectors, thus forming structures equipped with a recognition element, a specific transducer and a processing unit. In general, our detectors feature portability and flexibility, and can also incorporate connectivity, which allows remote monitoring. The development of biosensors associated with nanotechnologies with the use of 2D materials represents another technological challenge for Mackgraphe, aiming at its application in the detection of infectious diseases or genetic mutations, the monitoring of chronic diseases or the diagnosis and prevention of cancer, or in demands related to agribusiness .