It allows students, professor and employees, the loan of bibliographic materials located in other Institutions.

It is allowed the loan between libraries only for the materials that do not contain in the “George Alexander” library’s collection.

Important: Returning the material withdrawn by loan, in the stipulated date by the transferor Institution and in the same place it was loaned.

The libraries of other institutions shall register in our system, filling and forwarding the form to the email:

Rules for Loan between the Libraries - EEB

1. Definition

Loans between Libraries (EEB) is the process by which a library obtains form another, particular bibliographic material, requested by their users, not available in their own collection.


2. NormativesPrinciples

The Higher Education Institution (Instituição de Educação Superior – IES) that will be part of the EEB service must be willing to provide their collection to other participating institutions, characterizing a cooperation.

In order to use the service, the Institution must formalize its participation providing data from the people who are authorized to perform the requests attendance, through the form’s register.

Each IES defines which users have access to this service, since the responsibility by the book’s physical integrity, their usage and payment over eventual misplacements, losses, etc. is exclusively applicant’s entity, including the fulfillment of eventual legal obligations related to literary, artistic or scientific property of the protected books.


3. Loans

3.1. It is considered non-available for loan:

a) book (s) belonging the collection considered reserved, of consult and special local (criteria stablished by the transferor library);

b) books in poor state of conservation;

c) periodic publications;

d) reference books;

e) books that have reservation;

f) books with high acquisition cost;

g) multimidia (vídeo tapes, DVD, CD, maps, etc.)

3.2. O loan’s deadline is within 7 (seven) consecutive days, being possible to extend it from 1 (one) single renewal.

3.3. Each IES will have the right of loan of 2 (two) Works, being responsibility of the provider library criteria, the assistance of a larger quantity.

The types of bibliographic materials to be loaned are the librarian’s discretion.


4. Responsibility about the Loaned Material

4.1. Applicant Institutions take full responsibility by losses or damage in the bibliographic material, since the moment of withdrawal until the definitive handover. In the existence of any of these cases, a substitution shall be carried out, preferably, by an identical or equivalent (in case of running out titles) title, in which they will be indicated by the provider library.

4.2. The user who does not fulfill the conditions stablished must be penalized according to the current rules at their IES. Furthermore, the provider library reserves the right to suspend the usufruct of this service for the library, which does not attend the conditions, stablished by the Rules.

4.3. The delay in the devolution implicates in suspension of the partner IED, along with EEB service, in accordance with internal criteria. The deadline’s suspension may vary according to the period of the delay.

4.4. The repetitive cases are at each IES´s Supervision discretion.


5.  ExternalInstitutions

5.1. EEB must be performed exclusively with the IES registered.

5.2. To register, the IES shall fill out the form and wait for “George Alexander”´s Library Supervision review.

5.3.. UPM reserves the right to accept or not the IES, bearing in mind the usage of the EEB service.  

5.4. The applicant Library is responsible for verifying whether the material is available for loan on the website:, on the item, consult the collection.

5.5. Upon verifying the availability of the material for EEB, the applicant Library shall contact Mackenzie´s Sectorial Library, by phone number or e-mail forwarding the following information:

a) Institution´s name

b) Library´s  name

c) Applicant user´s full name, enrollment´s code

d) Material´s full title

e) Author

f) Imprenta

g) Call number

5.6. The available material for the EEB will be reserved at the Loan Desk for a 24-hour period.  


6. Admission and Dismissal of IES from the EEB Service

In order to have IES admitted in the EEB service, the book collections within these entities must have at least 10.000 (tem thousand) volumes, with proven quality and update. In case of dismissal of any IES, this act must be formalized and it will forfeit of using the services present in this Rules of Procedure.


7. Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie - UPM

7.1. EEB services may be requested by Mackenzie students, professors and employees, who have an active linkage.

Regarding students and professors, the request must be done at the Library to whom the program is associated. In the case of employees, the request must be done at any UPM Sectorial Library.

7.2. The request of bibliographic material belonging to other Libraries must be forwarded using the standard form for this purpose, since upon the applicant user locating the request; the librarian must perform the authorization.  

7.2.1. The applicant user will receive 3 (three) copies of the form properly filled, which 1 (one) of them must be delivered at the provider Library, the other remains with the user and the third must be at the applicant IES.

7.3. The user must be aware and take full responsibility by the knowledge of the Library´s Rules, where the loan is being placed.

7.4. EEB request must be done in person by the user at the Library to whom is associated, being necessary to fill out the following information:

a) Institution´s name

b) Library´s name

c) Full address, phone number, fax, e-mail

d) Material´s full title

e) Author

f) Imprenta

g) Call number


7.4.1. Before requesting the EEB, it is the user´s responsibility to verify if the applicant library disposes of the material, consulting previously in the Institution catalog.

7.4.2. EEB service can only be carried out when there is not the bibliographic material in the MPU Libraries’ collection.