The Mackenzie business incubator is an environment that encourages and supports the development of new innovative companies - services, technology-base or light manufacturing - offering technical support, management and complementary training to the entrepreneur.

The Mackenzie incubator has a physical space - 11 (eleven) modules from 14 to 18 m2 and offers a series of services, such as: management training courses, advisory services, consultancy, orientation in the elaboration of projects for funding institutions, administrative services, access information and support for participation in fairs and events. The maximum incubation period is 36 months. To apply for a position in the incubator, the entrepreneur must present a Pitch.

The main objective of the Mackenzie Incubator is to promote entrepreneurship by supporting and fostering innovative projects, helping to leverage and increase the competitiveness of incubated micro and small enterprises, as well as providing them with autonomous development capacity so that they can continue to grow and developing after graduation.

The incubator also has, as secondary objectives:

To provide incubated companies with:

  • Management training and support in the development of planning activities, market research and business operation;
  • Access to technology, research laboratories and technology partners;
  • Access to suppliers, distribution channels, potential customers and increase of new business network;
  • Strengthening of the associative spirit.
  • To provide Mackenzie University with:
  • Encouraging the development of applied research;
  • Effective teaching-research-extension integration;
  • Cooperation and integration between teachers and students, between the Academic Units;
  • University-Company approach, particularly with innovative and technology-based companies;
  • Image enhancement and corporate reputation.
  • A module with an area of ​​10sqm to 18sqm, depending on the size of the project;
  • Shared use of support infrastructure, such as reception, secretarial and meeting room, as well as security and cleaning services;
  • Shared use of computer resources, telecommunications, broadband internet, security and web server;
  • Access to resources available at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, such as libraries, software and databases;
  • Courses, lectures, forums and workshops on technology and management;
  • Consultancy specialized in management - marketing, finance, strategy, processes;
  • Support in the identification of researchers and technologies that can collaborate in the technological improvement of products and services;
  • Ease of access to products and services offered by our stakeholders;
  • Guidance in the protection and commercialization of intellectual property;
  • Guidance for fundraising with government agencies and private funds.