Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute


Mackenzie is a nonprofit, confessional and private educational institution with 148 years of history. Since its foundation, the Institution, agent of various pedagogical innovations, follows and influences the educational scenario of the country, having as one of its main concerns the ideal of educating citizens with capacity for discernment, with criteria and conditions to read the world in which they live, and also capable to intervene in the society where they are part.

Throughout its existence, it has implemented courses with the objective of covering new areas of knowledge and accompanying the evolution of society with intense participation in the community. It has become recognized by tradition, pioneering and innovation in education, which enabled it to reach the position of one of the most renowned educational institutions that contribute most to the scientific and academic development of the country. As a confessional entity, it promotes the development of citizens who understand solidarity as an indispensable element for the day to day.

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Word of the President

Our term of office has as its main goal to fulfill the Mission and Vision of the Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute, maintaining the spirit of inclusion and innovation that guides us throughout 148 years.

The protagonists will be the schools, the university and the units of Rio, Brasília, Dourados and Castro. Our efforts will be for them to achieve their goals successfully and we will try to provide the conditions for everyone to perform an excellent job, fulfilling the strategic planning elaborated by the Deliberative Council.

We will continue with the expansion plans of Mackenzie, sharing our experience through the Mackenzie System of Teaching (Basic Education), the implementation of Distance Learning poles (upper level), as well as new places of classroom teaching. We will seek to further improve the Higienópolis campus, continuing the improvements and constructions of new buildings, such as the already planned 21st Century Building, which will house most of the university's courses and a central library.

The principles and values that govern us emanate from the sacred scriptures and we will give confessionality the highest priority. The philanthropic concern remains as an Institution of Education, which focuses on the integral formation of the student. We are sure that Mackenzie is not part of history, Mackenzie is history.