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Information -


  • Biblioteca Digital Fórum – it offers full access to the 22 periodic title collection in the legal area. It holds a high academic level collection, signed by reknown authors, and offers several resources, such as simultaneous reading, integrated search and indefinite permanency period of the acquired content.
  • Business Source Complete – Database with cumulative indexing containing abstracts and full texts from scientific periodics, within Administration, Business, Economy, Accountability, Finances and International Relations areas, apart from countries’ economic reports; companies’ profiles and financial information from all over the world. In which the following stand out: Harvard Business Review, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of International Marketing, among others.
  • EconLit – Access to full text of more than 600 publications, within the areas of Economy, Business, Public Finances and Industry including periodic papers, books and dissertations. Some collections are available from 1969.
  • Fuente Academica – Collection of 200 academic periodic titles, with full text, published by Latin-American and Spanish publishers, within the Business, Economy, Medical Science, Political Science, Law, Computer Science, Biblioteconomy, Literature, Linguistic, History, Philosophy and Theology areas. In which the following stand out: Revista de Arquitectura, Estudios sobre Educación, Revista de Estudios Hispanicos, Comunicación y Sociedad, Revista de Ciência Política, Revista História, Psicologia: teoria e prática, among others.
  • GreenFile Access to full text of scientific, government and general interest periodic titles stemming from studies and researches about the natural environment and their inter-relations with other knowledge areas, such as: Agriculture, Education, Law, Health and Technology; as well as topics referring to climate change in the world, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and recycling.
  • JSTOR Retrospective collection covering 47 periodic titles, with access to full text within the Economy, Administration, Marketing, Finances, Accountability, Statistics e Human Resources.
  • LAN-Latin American Newsstand – Base with access to full information, in Spanish and Portuguese stemming from Porto Rico journal titles and Latin-American countries, including Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, among which stand out: El Universal (best seller in Mexico) El Nacional (Venezuela); La Nación (Argentina); El Mercurio (Chile),  Valor Econômico, Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil) e Portafolio (Colombia). Presenting also regional magazines and services via cable which include the online magazine, specialized in finances, Noticias Financieras; Market analysis and regional economic trends of InfoAmericas; the News agency IPS-Inter Press Service; weekly technology News bulletin EL Reporte Delta; and Business Wire Latin America. 
  • ProQuest ABI / INFORM  complete – Database with access to full text, abstracts and study cases within the Administration, Economy, Accountability and correlated areas, as well as allowing a detailed coverage about corporate subjects, market trends, strategies, human resources and corporate process.
  • ProQuest Dissertation & Theses Full Text – It offers access to more than 2.7 million defended dissertations and theses in North-American and International universities, from which 1.2 million are available entirely. Covering Communication, Arts, Educations, Languages, Literatures, Linguistics, Phylosophy, Religion, Theology, Social Science, Biological Science, Earth and Natural Environment Science, Hard Science and Psychology. The dissertations and thesis records are available from 1861.
  • ProQuest Entrepreneurship It presents information about the entrepreneurship theory, including practical success facts and results. Besides the traditional information sources, the bases hold resources, such as: videoclips, project introductory plans, case studies, legal documentation, conference annals, dissertations and theses full texts. Indicated by professionals from several markets, as well as researches, professor and students in several research areas.
  • ProQuest Religion – It is about a periodic published compendium within the religious, philosophic and theological area, containing approximately 120 titles, from which more than 100 in full text. With information about the main religions of the world, constituting a collection of extreme importance for research, holding some available titles from 1986.
  • Regional Business News – Database with access to abstracts and full texts within Administration, Business, Marketing, Economy and Finances.
  • Religion and Philosophy - Bases with information about religions, main denominations, biblical studies, Religion History, Epistemology, Political Philosophy, Philosophy History, Moral Philosophy areas, among others. It offers full text to more than 300 periodic titles, several of them prior to 1975, constituting an essential resource for researches and students.