15th International Workshop On Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems


Submissions are closed.
SubmissionInstructions for the Final Version of All Accepted Papers

Important date

  • August 30: Deadline for authors of accepted papers uploading their papers reviewed and formatted.


Formatting Instructions

Below are the instructions for preparing the final versions of files for publication in ENTCS volumes. They are compulsory for the publication of all accepted papers, full or short. Please read them over carefully.

ENTCS requires that papers published in the series be prepared with LaTeX, using the special macro files provided. Therefore, papers prepared using word processing software cannot be accepted. 

In order to prepare your paper, please follow the steps:

  1. Download the ENTCS - Automata 2009 package, which contains files common for all volumes in ENTCS and the specific style for Automata 2009. The package includes several examples, as well as instructions on how to use the LaTeX styl files, and how to produce a PDF file, which is the required format for the final version of papers that are published online.
  2. Use the file example.tex (that comes in the generic ENTCS Macro Package) as a template for your paper, being sure to include Keywords and Abstract where indicated in the frontmatter section.
    Please do not use any formatting commands that alter the ENTCS style definitions. This includes the format of Definitions, Lemmas, Theorems, etc, or the insertion of ad-hoc spacing within the document, including skip commands or page breaks.
  3. Create a single compressed archive containing:
    • the LaTeX source file, along with any nonstandard LaTeX macro files they use, and
    • the author´s form, completed by the Corresponding Author for the paper.



  1. Have the final version of your paper in a single compressed file.
  2. Log in the EasyChair login page for AUTOMATA 2009, and follow the instructions therein.


Additional useful information:

  1. Copyright transfer. It is no longer necessary to include a signed Copyright Transfer Form with the paper; Elsevier has instituted an electronic version that authors will be asked to complete once the files for their paper are sent by the Managing Editor to Elsevier Production.
  2. Camera-ready versions. Authors should understand that once the camera-ready versions of papers have been forwarded to the Managing Editor for final processing, no further revisions can be accepted. Please do not send requests to submit a revised version of a paper once it has been sent.
  3. Problems with the LaTeX style files. If problems are encountered with the LaTeX style files that are used in preparing ENTCS volumes, authors should contact the workshop chairman. But here are some answers to help troubleshoot common problems:
    • The files require the hyperref package that is distributed with recent versions of LaTeX. If you have the package, but you experience complaints that the command \hypergetpagenumber is undefined, then your version of the hyperref package is out of date. You need version 6.69d or later. You can download the newest version of this package by consulting the CTAN Web Site.
    • If you find that pdfLaTeX doesn't work, then you may not have a recent enough version. You need version 0.14d or later. You can find both source files for building your own version, and prebuilt binaries for the latest version of pdfTeX at the CTAN Web Site.
    • If you find that LaTeX complains about the package ifpdf (or any other package that is called by the ENTCS macros, then you should look on the CTAN archive to locate it.