15th International Workshop On Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems


In order to register you have to fill up the registration form with your data, and then proceed to payment.

The registration fee includes 2 special dinners, 3 buffet lunches, 6 coffee-breaks and 1 hard-copy of the procceedings volume.

Additional dinner tickets will be available for purchase during the event at the value of 65 Brazilian Reais each one.

You can choose the following procedures for payment:

1) If you DO NOT HAVE a current account in Brazil, you need to pay cash upon your arrival at the workshop, in either of the following forms: R$ 450, US$ 250 or € 160. But please bear in mind that if you have registered, but cannot come over, we trust you´ll pay anyway.

2) If you DO HAVE a current account in Brazil, please transfer the registration fee to the account below, and email a copy of the receipt to the workshop chairman.

  • Bank: Itaú (bank number 341)
  • Branch (Agência): 1035
  • Savings current account (Conta de Poupança): 19596-3/500
  • Recipient: Pedro Paulo Balbi de Oliveira
  • Tax ID (CPF): 654.267.037/87

The registration fee is R$ 450.

Please proceed, by filling up the registration form.