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The internships offered in the Social and Applied Sciences Center – CCSA’s programs, pursuant to a Standard Resolution from the Ministry of Education’s Federal Education Council, aim to provide practical supplementation to the knowledge and skills developed therein, and are deemed essential to a proper academic training and professional growth. Through the corporate experience and acquaintance with professionals that internships provide, students prepare to join the labor market.

Mackenzie maintains an area that supports students’ search for internship positions, the Administrative Internships Area (“Área Administrativa de Estágio” – AAE), also known as MackEstágio. In addition to the AAE, students at the Social and Applied Sciences Center – CCSA, through the internships coordination, are entitled to support before and after their internships, in the form of support and guidance activities stemming from CCSA’s contacts and meetings with partner companies.

Service Hours: Mondays through Fridays, from 13:00 a.m. to 21:50 a.m.
Jeani Cruz Genari

Jeani Cruz Genari

Coordination Secretary