Center for biological and Health Sciences

CCBS - Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Research and TCC Coordinating Body

Research at the Center for Biological Sciences and Health (CCBS) is undertaken in a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way within Mackenzie and with the wider scientific community in general; through internationalization, research developed in partnership with other international teaching and research institutions; serving the community; and increasing the quality of research at Mackenzie Presbyterian University (UPM).

The Course Completion Work (TCC) is a fundamental aspect of student training from a professional and research point of view. Every student graduating from CCBS will have established a solid base for quality scientific research.

All activities undertaken aim to provide service to the community service, and to consolidate Mackenzie Presbyterian University within the area of excellence in education and research in an integrated manner under the guidance of the Dean of Research and Postgraduate Study at UPM.