Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute


Confessionality, Mission, Vision, Values and Principles

Confessionality, Mission, Vision, Values and Principles


We believe that God is the reference of all reality and His Kingdom is manifested in all areas. This reality must be understood by the Creation-Fall-Redemption structure revealed in the Holy Bible.


Educating the human being, created in God´s image, for the full exercise of citizenship, in an environment of Reformed Christian faith.


Being recognized by the society as a Presbyterian and philanthropic denominational institution, dedicated to the divine and human sciences, committed to social and environmental responsibility, in continuous search for academic excellence and management.

Values and Principles
  • In personal conduct: dignity, character, integrity and Mackenzie spirit;
  • In the exercise of professional activity: ethics, competence, creativity, discipline, dedication and willingness to volunteer work;
  • In interpersonal relationships: loyalty, mutual respect, understanding, honesty and humility;
  • In the decision-making process: seeking consensus, justice, truth, equal opportunities for all;
  • In the relationship between collegial bodies, units and departments: cooperation, team spirit, professionalism and adequate communication;
  • In the relationship with other institutions: responsibility, independence and transparency;
  • In society: participation and provision of services to the community;
  • And, in all circumstances, act with love that is the bond of perfection.