Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory


Who we are

The Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is part of the Center for Health and Biological Sciences and the Graduate Program in Developmental Disorders at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. Our lab studies several aspects of cognition and behavior, focusing on topics such as decision making, language, education, social prejudice, moral judgement and emotion. With cutting-edge infrastructure for the investigation of current topics in cognitive, affective and social neuroscience, our lab actively employs techniques such as high-density electroencephalography (EEG) and analysis of evoked potentials, segmentation mapping and cluster analysis, non-invasive brain stimulation, eye tracking, near infra-red neuroimaging, peripheral physiology and neuropsychological assessment. Our team is composed of researchers and students in psychology and neuroscience dedicated to conducting interdisciplinary research on different social and cognitive aspects of human behavior.