In the modern world, the intense interaction of mathematics with other areas of knowledge is rapidly expanding professional opportunities for mathematicians. Professional mathematicians currently occupy prominent positions in various sectors of society and contribute significantly to the development of solutions to problems in Economy, Finance, Engineering, Medicine, IT, Actuarial Management and other areas. In this context, the Licentiateship program in Mathematics, with its distinguished eight semesters curriculum, enables the student to exercise a broad spectrum of professional academic and non-academic activities, which includes teaching at the Secondary level (middle and high school). This program has also a historical commitment with the quality and excellence of its licentiates, and students enjoy a modern teaching-learning environment in which all of their potential is leveraged by the dedicated and competent faculty work and the excellent institutional structure of didactic and socio-cultural support.

Job Market

Due to his solid professional training and broad knowledge, the Licentiate in Mathematics from Mackenzie will be able to carry out successfully professional activities in both public and private enterprises in various sectors, including teaching at the secondary level. In this particular field, Mackenzie trainees excel in mastering the modern teaching-learning methods and technologies.