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Office of the Coordination of Support to Post-Graduate Programs

The Office of the Coordination of Support to Post-Graduate Programs, linked to the Office of the Post-Graduate General Coordination, is responsible for administrative processes involving post-graduate stricto sensu courses, including:

  • Supporting post-graduate programs.
  • Supporting the creation of new courses: master’s (academic and professional), doctorates, inter-institutional master’s (Minter) and inter-institutional doctorates (Dinter), etc.
  • Supporting the selection process for master’s and doctoral courses.
  • Registering post-doctorate researchers in post-graduate programs
  • Registering and supporting visiting professors linked to post-graduate programs.
  • The recognition of master’s degrees and doctorates awarded abroad.
Roberta Gonçalves de Sousa Miranda

Roberta Gonçalves de Sousa Miranda

Coordinator of Support to Post-Graduate Programs